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Hi, I am Sarah and I am delighted to introduce you to my 1:1 mentoring programme "The I CAN Method", that is transforming the lives of CEO's and Business Owners, by helping them claim back their growth mindset, their confidence, passion and enthusiasm and reframe and achieve their big goals and ambitions, that they once thought were lost in the fog of overwhelm, when pressure and expectation had taken over their business and personal life. I would like to show you how I can help you too.

At 38 I was a bankrupt single mum on income support, having lost a 7 figure business in 2008, which I was a partner. My home was to be repossessed.

It is my rocky journey from hardship back to becoming a multi award winning multiple founder, coupled with two life threatening cancer diagnosis, that has taught me the most valuable lessons in life and business, the most prevalent, the power in maintaining a growth mindset and this is what I want to teach you.

Has your passion, confidence and motivation been lost to pressure and expectation? 

Are you questioning your decision making and avoiding making big growth decisions?

Do you feel stuck at a crossroads?

Are you losing sight of your why?

Do you never have enough time for you and to focus on your meaningful goals?

My valuable hindsight and wealth of life and business experience was all gained at the school of hard knocks, you can’t get this depth of knowledge from a text book.

The I CAN Method is the result of many hours of scribbling spider charts at my dining room table where I was planning a way to break free from my self-limiting beliefs, build a growth mindset, get off income support and claim back  my family home. 

This empowering method gave me the space and clarity to unravel my anxious, whirring thoughts, allow inspiration to flow, reframe my goals and aspirations and develop a strategic plan that resulted in me creating my multi award winning, wedding and event styling business Simply Bows and Chair Covers, which I franchised to 9 UK offices and most importantly secured our home!

Supported me to process the enormity of what I was told when I was diagnosed twice with life threatening malignant melanoma, which thankfully was successfully treated.

The same methodology I used to carry out a feasibility study on a multi 7 figure property project that would see my husband and I transform the redundant buildings on our family farm into 8 beautiful stone executive homes.

I’d love to support you, I totally understand what it feels like to be stuck on the whirring wheel, don't waste anymore time, life is too short! Please feel free to contact me to arrange a confidential discovery call.

Sarah Pittendrigh

Sarah and Sam

How we can work together

About You

About You

Running a business, often alongside a home and whilst juggling your family commitments can be exhausting and you can lose sight of your big, meaningful goals. I offer 1-1 mentoring to help Women CEO's and Business Owners, like you, breakthrough your challenges, claim back your why? Reignite your purpose and to rebuild your growth mindset, the mindset that will allow you to reclaim your goals that you believed were lost in the fog of overwhelm, when your passion and excitement was replaced by pressure and expectation.

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Coaching Options - Working Together

Working Together

Busy Business Women don't have a lot of spare time and the time they have needs to add value to their life. My coaching programmes are punchy, to the point with no room for procrastination. I offer a unique blend of one to one life and business coaching, business consulting on a retained basis and monthly hot seat calls, to suit. 

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Bespoke Coaching

Bespoke Coaching and Business Consultancy.

I offer Business Consultancy and Mentoring on a retained monthly basis, along with Group Development Programmes ~ My "I Can Method" is the foundation to all of my coaching programmes. The 4 pillar structure packed full of thought provoking questions to encourage deep thinking, is an excellent tool for business owners who may wish to consider it as a personal development programme for their employees or a strategic framework to plan for scaleup and problem solve.

Please enquire for further information on Bespoke Packages.

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Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaking

A life full of highs and lows like mine has certainly been, lets say "interesting" and yet I  would like to think that I have found opportunity in all of the adversity.  Having experienced what it is like to go from Bankruptcy, having Malignant Melanoma twice and still becoming a Multi Award Winning Entrepreneur, my intention is to inspire others and to show that anything is possible with the right mindset.

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