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I'm Sarah, a proud mum and a multi award winning entrepreneur, franchisor and mentor. However, life wasn't always so good, in 2008 I was a bankrupt single mum on income support, which left me plagued by anxiety and panic attacks - imposter syndrome and self limiting beliefs

When you are a business woman or in a position of leadership it is not always so easy asking for help, there is a risk that you may be perceived as weak or you may be judged and because of this you can hold in how you feel and battle alone for too long, until it gets to the point you are completely overwhelmed and exhausted.

I am here to help and support you, to offer you a confidential space to be vulnerable, to talk about how you really feel, a space to reframe your purpose, your goals and ambitions.

Too often passion and excitement is replaced by pressure and expectation!

I am here to help you dig out any roots that could be holding you back, to listen, empathise and help you breakthrough and put you back onto a purposeful path. Put you back on your "TO DO LIST"!

I want to help you realise your full potential by showing you how I realised mine!

Finding me to help you find YOU!

When the world stopped during 2020, which in turn made me slow down and reflect, I looked back at the last 20 years of my life and realised at 48 years old I had worked so hard and been so busy facilitating everyone and everything else that I’d lost the most important piece of the puzzle – me.

I decided to use this forced time at home to work on myself as I would my businesses and used the method and framework I’d drawn upon to build and scale them, to refocus myself and to reframe my own personal goals. 

The result has now become The I CAN Method, my mind set re boot, which I use across all of my one-to-one coaching programmes, a framework that will give you space and structure to reframe your goals and your purpose.

It's never too late and you are never too old!

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How we can work together

Programme Description

About You

Running a business, often alongside a home and whilst juggling your family commitments, can be exhausting and you can lose sight of your own goals. I offer 1-1 coaching to empower Female Founders and Women in Business who may find themselves at a cross roads or who would benefit from the support of a fellow Business Woman to brainstorm with and seek support and advice.

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Coaching Options

Working Together

Busy Business Women don't have a lot of spare time and the time they have needs to add value to their life. My coaching programmes are punchy, to the point with no room for procrastination. I offer a unique blend of one to one life and business coaching, business consulting on a retained basis and monthly hot seat calls, to suit. 

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Bespoke Coaching

Bespoke Coaching and Business Consultancy.

I offer Business Consultancy and Mentoring on a retained monthly basis, along with Group Development Programmes ~ My "I Can Method" is the foundation to all of my coaching programmes. The 4 pillar structure packed full of thought provoking questions to encourage deep thinking, is an excellent tool for business owners who may wish to consider it as a personal development programme for their employees or a strategic framework to plan for scaleup and problem solve.

Please enquire for further information on Bespoke Packages.

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Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaking

A life full of highs and lows like mine has certainly been, lets say "interesting" and yet I  would like to think that I have found opportunity in all of the adversity.  Having experienced what it is like to go from Bankruptcy, having Malignant Melanoma twice and still becoming a Multi Award Winning Entrepreneur, my intention is to inspire others and to show that anything is possible with the right mindset.

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