Celebrate your Milestones

This year has been the most challenging for my husband and I. We were meant to have the next 3 houses on our second phase development built and sold by now, but circumstances out of our control have halted the project. Planners took 6 months to agree a minor amendment to the design and the sale of our last house on Phase one fell through, one week before completion...


Mental Health Awareness

I thought it appropriate to Blog this week about mental health. My first experience of a panic attack was when I was around 21. I was driving, when suddenly I felt as if the world was spinning, my heart was racing and I was going to pass out. I was terrified.


Career Choices

Today is a very proud day for my family. My son (William Pittendrigh Equestrian on Facebook) starts his own business, as a Riding Instructor/Coach to both horse and rider.


My Story Chapter 7: Creating a National Brand!

It was never the original plan to have more than one office, however, after 18 months of delivering weddings in the North East, we were starting to turn down too many weddings nationwide as our products came in demand from further afield as a result of social media and word of mouth.


Finding yourself at Forty plus

Most of us will have/had hopes, dreams and aspirations at some point in our lives, but how many of us actually fulfil these promises to ourselves? Whether it be our work, raising a family or other outside influences, it is very easy to lose sight of ourselves...


My Story Chapter 6: Personal Growth

As I sit here writing this Blog Post I realise it is 10 years to the exact day we closed the last business and I would face bankruptcy. I was originally going to write about creating a "National Brand" however, I would like to share my thoughts on our own "personal growth".


My Story Chapter 5: Growing the Brand

In the early days, I worked with just my mum. I remember our very first event, it was for 30 white chair covers with baby pink bows, for a 21st birthday at Durham Marriott. We were both so nervous decorating those chairs, wanting them to be just perfect.


My Story Chapter 4: Product to Market

I have never been shy in asking for help. During my research I made contact with a lady in Hollywood, LA, who had a fabulous company that was supplying some of the most outstanding table linen to A List Celebrities for parties and high profile events.


My Story Chapter 3: Creating the Brand

For me, if I don’t accept poor service or standards, then why should my customers? I had experienced poor quality service and products when procuring table linen and chair covers when I worked in events and I understood how underwhelming this was when celebrating a special occasion.


My Story Chapter 2: Making the Plan!

When you have been used to working at a hundred miles an hour in a busy working environment, being at home through the day in silence, was deafening. I was used to company. I decided I needed a dog and that dog has become my best friend - a rescued Lurcher - Sam. He has brainstormed more ideas, listened to my worries and loved unconditionally.


My Story Chapter 1: The Dark Days

10 years ago this year, I had an idea. to start my own business, that idea became multi award winning

I thought some of you may like to know where and how it all began. I plan over the next few weeks to give you chapters in separate posts.


Learning how to experience joy can help you in your career and your life

Life is full of failure, but without it, I wouldn’t have experienced success and would never have welcomed the feeling of joy that I feel today. So how can 'joy' help you in your career, and your everyday life?


Tackling Fear - Coping with anxiety at the height of my career

It's 2015 and I'm walking on stage to collect my award at the NatWest Everywoman Awards. The applause is deafening and I am smiling from ear to ear but inside I feel terrified, and not in a good way.


Is Perfectionism Stiflying Your Happiness?

Perfectionism is a modern day epidemic. It is stifling creativity, progression and productivity yet this destructive trait is often lorded as a badge of honour.


What to do when only person in your way is you

If you're reading this and you already suspect you might be getting in your own way then I applaud you. It certainly took me a while and many years of experience to spot when someone is their own worst enemy.


Overcoming failure - How bankrupcy made me a success

Show me someone who is professionally successful, show me your career inspiration, show me your most admired mentor - and I will show you someone who has failed.


Sarah Pittendrigh

If you would like further information or if you would like to make an enquiry please contact us.

"Sarah Pittendrigh was a fantastic addition to our speaking roster at our small business initiative event, #SBS Small Business Sunday 2019. Sharing her journey on building up her business, as well as how to franchise a business, her session proved invaluable for our small business attendees and the feedback has been excellent! Thank you Sarah."

Jess Littlewood - #SBS Small Business Sunday, Theo Paphitis Retail Group

"Sarah is everything a successful entrepreneur should be, creative, tenacious with a clear vision on how to develop her business. She never ceases to impress me with her energy, attention to detail and most importantly, is always comfortable leading from the front with her hands on management style..."

Nick Holmes - Former MD at Rockliffe Hall, Non Executive Director positions at Gisborough Hall, Swinton Estate and Ramside Hall

"Having set up my business when I was 23, Sarah's advice and experiences in the wedding industry were a vital part in the success of my Simply Bows and Chair Covers franchise. As a franchisor, Sarah has always been on the other end of the phone to help me with my dilemmas and pass on her experience and business advice..."

Joanne Smith - Simply Bows and Chair Covers Lancashire

"Sarah was asked to support the wedding product here. Right from the first meeting she was professional, personable and down to earth. She found out as much information as possible, including attending events to get a feel for our product first hand and give her the best insight..."

Ruairidh Taylor - Hotel Manager, Gisborough Hall Hotel

"I hope our paths cross again before too long because I think you’re a brilliant example to budding doubters like me and a flipping great individual too! Thanks again for the inspiration you are and always be aware that folks like me, who’ve had the good fortune to meet you, are better for it..."

Alan Green - Corporate Photographer

"Sarah is an extremely good listener and will look at projects from all angles and give help and advice from her perspective.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah as a mentor and indeed will be back in touch with her soon with regards to my next business venture..."

Katie Lindsay-Brown

"I was so inspired by Sarah’s story, where she had been, what she had endured and the phenomenal success she made Simply Bows and Chair Covers I just knew I had to be a part of this great business model.
I have now been running my franchise for the last 4 years and I love it. Sarah is very supportive, knowledgeable and I know if I need advice she will always be there..."

Adele - Simply Bows & Chair Covers, South Wales