My Business Journey - Podcast Interview with Peter Bell - Purpose Made

Are you lacking confidence, motivation, inspiration and feel like your goals are impossible to achieve? I was once that person!

Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Peter Bell from Purpose Made podcast.

I was invited to share with you my challenging journey that ultimately lead me to becoming a multi award winning entrepreneur/business woman.

The route to being an entrepreneur is very rarely smooth, but the rutts and bumps are where we usually learn our most powerful lessons.

If you are feeling challenged take a moment to ask yourself “what is this trying to teach me?” What am I learning on this part of the journey?”

If you can switch your mindset from “woe is me, to wow is me”, you will truly step into your power.

I honestly believe you become how you think, so start thinking about how fabulous you are, remember how far you have come and how you want your future to look!

Make the first step and never be fearful of asking for help and support!

🎙 You can listen to the interview here